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  • Nikki Haley has moved into second place in the Iowa Poll, but is on “shaky ground.”
  • Experts react to viral testimony on the fentanyl crisis.

Even as Nikki Haley has moved into second place in the Iowa Poll, underlying data shows she’s on “shaky ground,” says pollster J. Ann Selzer.

Can we fix the fentanyl crisis? Experts react after viral testimony.

Why Jeffrey Epstein stayed in elite circles after sex crime conviction.

NFL playoff winners, losers: Dolphins QB put in deep freeze.

Tide turns for Biden on one of voters’ biggest issues in 2024 election.

Viral video shows comedian hand DeSantis participation trophy in Iowa Elections.

John Kerry stepping down from Biden administration as US climate envoy.

US Navy launches cruise missiles at site used by Houthi militants.

See photos: Americans cope with winter weather, freezing cold temps.

Trump electors aren’t ‘fake.’ Calling them that damages US voting system.

Taylor Swift rocks custom Kelce jacket from wife of Pro Bowler Kansas City Chiefs.

Browns QB’s storybook comeback unravels in playoff rout.

Republican hopefuls storm through Iowa as frigid temperatures hit.

Iowa Poll shows where GOP candidates stand.

‘I don’t feel silly having a million’: Why people love Stanley cups.

Innocent man in prison for 35 years gets $1.75 million from state.

Jelly Roll: Drug dealer turned singer is pushing an anti-fentanyl bill.

Chiefs shut down Dolphins, cruise into divisional round.

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