ACCA’s Earth Day agenda sets the standard for accountants everywhere.

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ACCA Sets Bold Agenda for Accountants on Earth Day


ACCA has identified key areas for professional accountants to make a positive impact in tackling climate change, social inequality, and lack of trust. They emphasize driving the sustainability agenda, understanding AI adoption benefits, promoting good ethics, advancing an inclusive workplace culture, and embracing continuous learning.

Key Points:

  • ACCA outlines five key areas for accountants to address societal issues
  • They believe professional accountants play a crucial role in creating a better world

To mark Earth Day 2024, ACCA has identified five key areas for professional accountants to make a positive impact in tackling issues such as climate change, social inequality, and a lack of trust. According to ACCA, professional accountants are well-placed to drive the sustainability agenda, understand the benefits of AI adoption, promote the importance of good ethics, advance an inclusive workplace culture, and develop a continuous learning mindset. ACCA president Ronnie Patton emphasized the importance of individual contributions in shaping a better world, with professional accountants playing a crucial role. Fazeela Gopalani, Head of Eurasia and the Middle East at ACCA, highlighted the increasing importance of sustainability and social concerns in the accounting profession, calling for a balanced transition that respects social equity and environmental responsibility.

As part of their initiatives, ACCA is hosting a free conference to explore how finance professionals can support sustainable organizations. They will also be introducing a new Diploma in Sustainability later this year to meet emerging regulatory requirements. ACCA’s efforts aim to empower accountants to contribute meaningfully to shaping a safe, secure future that prioritizes sustainability and social responsibility.

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