Accounting: A Top Career Choice?

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Accounting is a popular career choice due to high demand, strong salaries, and career progression opportunities. Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) also reports increasing interest in accounting careers among Gen Z. Two Master in Accounting grads share their insights on the benefits and challenges of accounting careers in audit and management. Margaret Mary Rilling highlights the importance of data analysis in auditing, while Kate Reasons discusses her transition from a Big Four firm to a startup in the fintech industry.

Is Accounting A Good Career Path?

Careers in accounting are increasingly popular among business school graduates. Companies require accountants to meet reporting requirements, making accounting skills continually in demand. Gen Z is showing interest in accounting careers, according to GMAC.

Benefits and challenges of accounting careers in audit:

  • Margaret Mary Rilling, a Master of Accounting with Data Analytics graduate, highlights the need for data analysis in accounting.
  • The MAC program helped her handle technical conversations with clients and gain a deeper knowledge of the accounting sphere.

How to build a successful career in audit:

  • Project-based learning in the MAC program mirrors real-world challenges in accounting.
  • Combining accounting and auditing background with new technology understanding is crucial for success in the field.

Benefits and challenges of accounting management:

  • Kate Reasons, a Villanova MAC program graduate, shares her transition from a Big Four firm to a startup in the fintech industry.
  • She emphasizes the importance of accounting knowledge and data skills in her career growth.

How to build a successful career as an accounting manager:

  • The MAC program’s emphasis on data skills and financial understanding has helped Kate communicate effectively with data engineers.
  • Courses in Financial Accounting and Tax and Business Strategy have equipped her to make smart financial decisions in her role.

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