Accounting Art: New year, new resolutions for success!

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Art of Accounting: Resolutions for the New Year — Pick 3

The following are some suggestions for resolutions for the new year. Pick three that you will commit to following through with:

  • Add three new services and identify three clients that might need each of those services and then contact them.
  • Become adept at a new specialty. Write an article or present a speech on your specialty.
  • Join an industry trade group and become active in it.
  • Schedule now and book a post-tax season vacation for early May.
  • Follow the 1/20th rule to try to become engaged by 5% of your tax clients for an additional service in 2024.
  • Stop following your legacy tax return review procedures and modernize them into high-value QC (Quality Control) procedures.
  • Develop a firm culture that does not tolerate excessive errors.
  • Adopt at least one new practice management technology.
  • Identify a staff person capable of taking over (or filling the gap) if you (or a partner) suddenly became disabled or dropped dead.
  • Write a letter of gratitude to someone that helped you along the way or, alternatively, call them.
  • Volunteer at or make a meaningful contribution to a worthwhile charity whose mission you believe in.
  • Schedule a monthly daylong out-of-the-office meeting with your partners or, if you’re solo, your key staff, to discuss big-picture, future-thinking practice management strategies.
  • Be proactive in making your clients aware of your complete availability if they need you to help them solve critical problems or institute ways to avoid problems.
  • Start a process of deliberate scheduling of yourself and your staff so all promised completion deadlines are met.

There are 15 ideas here. Narrow them down to three and get started on them. Working on any one of them would make your life easier and better. Happy New Year! Make 2024 the best ever!

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