Accounting Firm Fights Cybersecurity Lawsuit, Aims for Dismissal

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Brady Martz & Associates PC, an accounting services firm, has requested the dismissal of a cybersecurity lawsuit filed against them, claiming that the plaintiffs lack standing to pursue their claims. The firm argues that they have no business relationship with those bringing the lawsuit, as the plaintiffs shared their personal data with their employers, who subsequently disclosed it to Brady Martz. Therefore, the firm argues that they do not owe a duty of care to the plaintiffs.

The cybersecurity lawsuit, which is a purported class action, alleges that Brady Martz was negligent in protecting customer data. The motion to dismiss was filed in the US District Court for the District of North Dakota.

Key Points:

  • Accounting firm Brady Martz & Associates PC seeks dismissal of cybersecurity lawsuit
  • Firm argues that plaintiffs lack standing to pursue claims due to no business relationship

In their motion to dismiss, Brady Martz & Associates PC argued that the plaintiffs were a step removed from their services and admitted that they did not directly deal with the firm. They claim that any duty of care would be owed by the plaintiffs’ employers, who collected and shared the personal data with Brady Martz.

The outcome of this motion to dismiss could have significant implications for future cybersecurity lawsuits and the extent of an accounting firm’s responsibility in protecting customer data. If the motion is successful, it could set a precedent for firms to avoid liability in similar cases where the plaintiffs have a more indirect relationship with the firm.

It is important for companies and individuals to carefully consider their business relationships and the responsibilities of each party when it comes to data protection. The outcome of this case could provide clarity on these issues and potentially impact future cybersecurity litigation.

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