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  • New AICPA Chair Carla McCall emphasizes promoting the value and sustainability of the profession, driving innovation and transformation, and fostering inclusion and opportunity.
  • She aims to attract the next generation of accountants by showcasing the dynamic and varied nature of the profession, leveraging technology, and engaging with educational institutions.

Article Summary:

In her role as the new AICPA Chair, Carla McCall brings over 30 years of experience in the accounting profession and a commitment to empowering future generations of accountants. Raised in a family that valued entrepreneurship and hard work, McCall’s vision is to reimagine the profession as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation. She emphasizes the importance of promoting the cool work accountants do, shifting away from traditional terminology and highlighting the dynamic opportunities in the field.

McCall stresses the evolving landscape of the profession, with a focus on driving innovation and leveraging technology. She supports initiatives like the CPA Evolution initiative to transform the CPA licensure model and stay aligned with the changing skill sets required by accounting professionals. Embracing technology for data analysis, process improvements, and forecasting is crucial for business growth, and McCall encourages accountants to lead the way in adopting new advancements.

Additionally, McCall is dedicated to fostering inclusion and creating opportunities within the profession. She emphasizes the importance of engaging with educational institutions and promoting the diverse career paths available in accounting. By championing innovative programs like the Experience, Learn and Earn (ELE) program, McCall aims to provide aspiring accountants from diverse backgrounds with access to the profession and opportunities for advancement.

McCall’s leadership style focuses on creating a human-first culture where every team member feels valued and empowered. By promoting self-awareness and appreciating individual differences, she aims to create a safe and inclusive environment within her firm. McCall’s commitment to community engagement and giving back reflects the core values of the accounting profession, as she works to make a positive impact on others’ lives.

In conclusion, Carla McCall’s vision as the new AICPA Chair is centered on promoting the value and sustainability of the profession, driving innovation and transformation, and fostering inclusion and opportunity. Her dedication to empowering future accountants and creating a more inclusive and diverse profession sets a strong foundation for the future of the accounting profession.

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