Amicus CFO sells shares: a strategic financial move for today.

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Amicus Therapeutics Inc’s Chief Accounting Officer, Samantha Prout, has sold 7,659 shares of the company. Prout sold the shares at an average price of $14 per share, resulting in a total sale amount of $107,226. This recent sell has decreased Prout’s holdings in Amicus Therapeutics Inc. Over the past year, Prout has sold a total of 44,568 shares of the company and has not made any purchases. The insider transaction history for Amicus Therapeutics Inc shows a pattern of insider sales over the past year, with 47 insider sells and no insider buys recorded.

On the valuation front, Amicus Therapeutics Inc’s shares were trading at $14 on the day of the insider’s recent sell, giving the company a market capitalization of approximately $4.258 billion. The stock’s price-to-GF-Value ratio stands at 1.04, indicating that the stock is Fairly Valued when compared to the GF Value of $13.42.

Investors and stakeholders in Amicus Therapeutics Inc may consider the insider’s recent trading activity alongside the company’s current valuation to inform their investment decisions. However, it is important to note that insider trading activities can be subject to various motivations and may not always provide clear signals about the future direction of the stock price.

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