Apex Biotech’s Accounting Choice May Explain Earnings Dip.

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TLDR: Key Points

  • Apex Biotechnology Corp.’s stock was strong despite releasing a soft earnings report.
  • Unusual items reduced the company’s statutory profit by NT$22m in the last twelve months.


Apex Biotechnology Corp. (TWSE:1733) recently reported soft earnings, but the stock remains strong. The company’s profit was impacted by unusual items, which reduced the statutory profit by NT$22m. This could be a temporary setback, with the potential for improved profits in the future as these unusual expenses are unlikely to be repeated. The company’s EPS has seen a 22% annual increase over the last three years, indicating a positive trend. However, investors should be aware of the risks involved and consider additional factors when analyzing the company. Overall, Apex Biotechnology’s profit performance may be better than what is reflected in the statutory figures, suggesting potential for growth in the future.

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