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Aprio Releases 2024 Wealth Management Outlook


Key Points:

  • Aprio Wealth Management releases 2024 outlook focusing on global economies and Federal Reserve’s role
  • Investors cautioned to be vigilant as recovery remains uneven

Aprio Wealth Management, a subsidiary of Aprio, LLP, has released its 2024 Wealth Management Economic Outlook, highlighting investment trends, insights, and takeaways for investors. The outlook focuses on the continued normalization of global economies and the Federal Reserve’s role in avoiding a recession, reducing inflation, and lowering unemployment rates in the U.S. While recovery is predicted, caution is advised as the economic landscape remains uneven.

One key point highlighted in the outlook is the potential for the U.S. to experience a recession in 2024 due to factors such as slowing growth in the services sector, weakening lower-income consumers, the Fed’s Quantitative Tightening, and challenges in commercial real estate. Aprio emphasizes the importance of recognizing the unique impact of the post-pandemic global economy on traditional economic cycles.

Additionally, the outlook identifies multi-year investment themes with outsized returns, the appeal of fixed income in uncertain markets, the focus on commercial real estate, and the growth potential in private capital markets. These insights aim to provide clarity and confidence to investors as they navigate their investment and business strategies in 2024.

For more detailed information and to access the full 2024 Wealth Management Economic Outlook, visit Aprio Wealth Management.

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