Best remote accountants this week.

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  • Accountingfly offers a pool of skilled remote accountants without upfront costs
  • Top remote accountants of the week include candidates with various certifications and experiences

The Top Remote Accountants of the Week for May 2, 2024, features a list of highly skilled candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Accountingfly’s Always-On Recruiting service provides access to these professionals without any upfront costs.

The candidates listed in the article have varying certifications and years of experience in public accounting, tax, and industry. They are seeking remote accounting opportunities with professional growth and competitive salaries. One candidate, with more than 30 years of experience, is offering their services as a freelance accounting and SALT contractor at a flexible rate of $90/hour.

Overall, the article showcases the talent and expertise available in the remote accounting industry, highlighting the benefits of using Accountingfly’s recruiting services to connect with these top candidates.

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