Bloomberg Tax & Accounting: The New Standard in Corporate Tax Solutions

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  • Bloomberg Tax & Accounting introduces next generation suite of integrated solutions for corporate tax process.
  • New suite includes Bloomberg Tax Provision, Bloomberg Tax Fixed Assets, and Bloomberg Tax Workpapers.

Key Elements:

Bloomberg Tax & Accounting has launched a new suite of integrated solutions aimed at revolutionizing the corporate tax process. The suite includes best-in-class research products like Bloomberg Tax Provision and innovative software solutions such as Bloomberg Tax Fixed Assets. The centerpiece of the suite is the recently launched Bloomberg Tax Workpapers, a groundbreaking product that automates data preparation from multiple business systems, streamlining tax calculations for Provision, Fixed Asset depreciation, and more.

The suite of integrated solutions addresses the challenges faced by tax professionals in their day-to-day workflows, replacing outdated tools with modern, interconnected platforms. The seamless workflow provided by Bloomberg Tax & Accounting’s suite of solutions allows tax professionals to source and prep data using automation, with AI-powered tools providing intelligence at the point of application. This shift towards smarter, more efficient solutions represents a significant advancement in the field of corporate tax preparation and compliance.

Feedback from users like Becky Hawkins, Associate Tax Director at Riveron, has been positive, with the interconnected nature of the tools receiving praise for simplifying processes and improving efficiency. The suite of solutions from Bloomberg Tax & Accounting represents a paradigm shift in the way tax professionals approach data management and tax calculations, offering a comprehensive and streamlined approach to the corporate tax workflow.

For more information on the launch event and to learn more about Bloomberg Tax & Accounting’s suite of integrated solutions, visit their website at https://aboutbtax.com/bduI.

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