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Key Elements to Becoming a Better People Manager


Here are the key elements to becoming a better people manager:

  • Provide a why
  • Empower decision making


In the fast-paced world of accounting, managers often struggle to balance their personal workload with leading a team. Effective people management is crucial for team performance and morale. By integrating people management into everyday tasks, managers can become better leaders. Three key actions can help achieve this:

Provide a why: Managers should explain the rationale behind decisions to give team members clarity and purpose. This helps make tasks more meaningful, enables better decision-making, and fosters a sense of inclusion and value.

Empower decision making: Leaders should establish clear guardrails for decision-making, outlining areas where team members can make independent decisions, informed decisions, or decisions that require approval. This empowers team members and builds trust.

Engage the human side: In a post-COVID world, maintaining human connections in the workplace is vital. Strategies like starting meetings with icebreakers, personalizing 1:1 check-ins, and onboarding new team members with peer introductions can help build a closely knit team. Being intentional and mindful in fostering connections can lead to a more connected and high-functioning team.

By implementing these actions, managers can evolve their leadership style and bring out the best in their team members. Effective people management is not about adding more tasks but enriching the way leaders guide their teams.

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