Bringing Accounting Center Stage: Merlix Reynolds on Collaborative Success

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Key Points:

  • RaceTrac Vice President of Accounting, Merlix Reynolds, discusses the power of collaboration in using data and accounting connections for better reporting.
  • Accounting professionals have been teaching and learning from others to provide accurate reporting.

In a recent interview with Bob Evans, Merlix Reynolds, the Vice President of Accounting at RaceTrac, emphasizes the importance of collaboration in utilizing data and accounting connections for more accurate and insightful reporting. Reynolds highlights the shift in the role of accounting professionals and departments, stating that there has been a significant amount of learning and teaching going on to provide better reporting.

Reynolds mentions that accounting is now being invited into the room more than ever before to ensure that they can provide the necessary information. Previously, people would rely on their own reports and Excel sheets without consulting accounting. However, the trend has changed, and now accounting professionals are being invited to the table because stakeholders understand the value they bring in interpreting data and putting it into systems like Workday for better reporting.

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