Byju’s shady accounting spoils India’s start-up game with poor lessons.

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  • Byju’s, an edtech company in India, has faced severe financial losses and accusations of dodgy accounting practices.
  • This situation is concerning for the Indian start-up ecosystem, as Byju’s was once seen as a poster child for the industry.
  • Investors now have doubts about the credibility and corporate governance of start-ups, which may make it more difficult for deserving entrepreneurs to secure funding.

The article highlights the financial troubles faced by Byju’s, an edtech company in India, and the negative impact it could have on the country’s start-up ecosystem. Byju’s recently announced a loss of INR 8,245 crore ($1.1 billion) on an income of INR 5,300 crore ($718 million). This massive loss raises concerns about the company’s financial reporting and accounting practices. Byju’s has been accused of violating several rules in the Companies Act and lending to associate companies without board approval.

The article emphasizes that Byju’s is not the only company facing financial mismanagement issues in India. However, the scale of the problems at Byju’s is particularly troubling, as the company was once valued at $22 billion and enjoyed the support of marquee investors. This situation could make investors more cautious and skeptical, which could adversely affect other deserving entrepreneurs seeking funding.

The article also points out that investors should have been more vigilant in their oversight of Byju’s. The auditors’ delay in finalizing the accounts should have raised red flags, and investors should have questioned the company’s mounting financial liabilities and numerous acquisitions. These missteps highlight the need for closer scrutiny and due diligence by investors in the future.

In conclusion, the article suggests that there are lessons to be learned from Byju’s financial troubles. It emphasizes the importance of transparency, credibility, and good corporate governance practices for start-ups seeking investment. The Byju’s episode serves as a cautionary tale for other entrepreneurs and investors in the Indian start-up ecosystem.

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