Canada aligns ESG reporting with global standards for sustainability reporting.

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Canada Proposes ESG Reporting Aligned With Global Standards


Key Points:

  • Canada proposes sustainability disclosure rules aligned with international standards
  • The Canadian Sustainability Standards Board seeks public feedback on draft rules until June 10

Article Summary:

Canada has proposed sustainability disclosure rules that align with global reporting standards, specifically the International Sustainability Standards Board guidelines from June 2023. The Canadian Sustainability Standards Board is seeking public feedback on their draft rules until June 10. This move puts Canada in line with 11 other jurisdictions considering adopting national sustainability reporting standards that align with international guidelines, set to take effect in fiscal 2024. Currently, only Brazil has announced similar measures.

It is important for companies to stay informed and compliant with these new reporting standards as they become more widespread globally. This shift towards standardized sustainability reporting can help improve transparency and accountability in the business world.

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