CEO conquers brain injury, builds thriving accounting firm from ground up.

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  • CEO Jenny Groberg survived a traumatic brain injury and built an accounting firm empowering women accountants.
  • She founded a firm in 2008 out of necessity to support her family.

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CEO Jenny Groberg overcame a traumatic brain injury to establish an accounting firm that focuses on empowering women in the industry. Groberg founded her Utah-based firm in 2008 to support her family when her husband was unable to work due to medical schooling. Initially starting with consulting services for small businesses, Groberg’s firm grew as companies began outsourcing their accounting work to her.

In 2018, an accident at home left Groberg with a traumatic brain injury, leading her to delegate firm management to an accountant on her staff. The firm has since thrived, with a growing team of women accountants who work remotely. Groberg’s emphasis on flexible work models has been beneficial for both clients and staff, providing comprehensive accounting help at a lower cost. She advises clients to pay attention to financial trends and discrepancies, enabling businesses to make better decisions and adjust practices accordingly.

Groberg’s firm, BookSmarts, serves a range of clients from small businesses to large companies, offering controller services and fractional accounting departments. With a staff of all women working remotely, the firm emphasizes support, flexibility, and efficient financial management. Groberg’s journey of overcoming challenges and building a successful accounting firm without guidance showcases the importance of determination and empowerment in the accounting profession.

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