CES 2024: Real or Fake? AI Takes the Spotlight!

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  • The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 showcased new tech products with AI technology.
  • Accounting-specific solutions were not as prominent at CES compared to other industries.

The Dynamic Duo of Randy Johnston and Brian Tankersley, attended CES 2024 in Las Vegas and reported on the top new tech products of interest to the accounting community. AI was a major focus at the event, with many vendors promoting their AI-enabled products. However, it was challenging to determine which products truly had AI technology.

One notable product was the Ricoh PFU portable monitor, which was recommended for auditors and mobile workers. The ViewSonic portable monitor, featuring OLED technology, was also highlighted. The Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 monitor was praised for its stunning image quality. Samsung also showcased its advancements in technologies like the Samsung Wall and DeX.

Other hardware innovations included the Eco Flow whole home battery system, which provides power during extended outages, and the Framework laptop, which offers component-based customization and durability.

Software improvements for the accounting profession were less prominent at CES, but a few notable technologies were discovered. Click, a blockchain-enabled photo capture product, allows for authentication of the provenance of a picture, making it useful for auditing and litigation support. Hollo-AI was another interesting technology that allows users to create avatars that can emulate their voice and image.

CES also showcased MicroLED TVs, wireless induction charging technology, improvements in 3D printing for ceramics, and advancements in streaming capabilities with ATSC 3.0. Overall, the technology showcased at CES 2024 provided greater flexibility and practicality for users, particularly in terms of AI-enabled computers and integrating phones as secondary screens.

With the rapid evolution of AI, quantum, blockchain, and security technologies, users will need to make decisions between incremental changes and revolutionary advancements while prioritizing safety and client data.

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