Cohen & Co. leads 2023 SEC client rankings for excellence.

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Top 100 Firm Cohen & Co. dominated the 2023 SEC client rankings, primarily due to an acquisition that yielded 54 new clients. Overall, the firm netted 57 new engagements. Deloitte and GreenGrowth CPAs also saw significant gains in new clients. In 2023, there was a notable increase in new engagements, although client departures also rose. The league tables showed Deloitte leading in various categories, with Ernst & Young topping new market capitalization audited. Cohen & Co. led in new assets audited, and Deloitte in new audit fees.

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The 2023 SEC client rankings saw Top 100 Firm Cohen & Co. emerging as the top performer, largely due to its acquisition of the Investment Management Group of BBD in March 2023, which brought in 54 new clients. The firm ended up with a total of 62 new engagements, netting 57 in total. Deloitte followed closely behind with 40 new engagements and a net gain of 21. GreenGrowth CPAs also made significant additions to their client base, acquiring 34 new clients through the acquisition of audit practices in Colorado and Utah.

The year 2023 witnessed a significant increase in new engagements, reaching 737, continuing a trend that began in 2021. However, client departures also saw a rise, reaching 829, outpacing new client additions for the third consecutive year. The discrepancies in figures are attributed to delays in reporting new auditors and mergers and acquisitions.

In the league tables, Deloitte led the charts in terms of new large accelerated filers, while GreenGrowth CPAs dominated among non-accelerated filers. Ernst & Young secured the top spot for new market capitalization audited, thanks to a substantial contribution from Monster Beverage Co. Cohen & Co. excelled in new assets audited, especially from ETF developer Select Sector SPDR Trust. Deloitte led in new audit fees, with significant contributions coming from clients like Carnival.

The data for these rankings were provided by Ideagen Audit Analytics. Overall, the 2023 SEC client rankings showcased Cohen & Co.’s strong performance, as well as notable achievements by Deloitte, GreenGrowth CPAs, and other top firms in the industry.

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