CPACharge Introduces Next Day Payments for FinTech Enthusiasts

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  • CPACharge has launched Next Day Payments, a new feature that allows accounting firms to access funds faster.
  • This feature helps address the challenge of delayed payments and improves cash flow management for accounting professionals.

Key Elements of the Article:

In an announcement by CPACharge, an online payment solution tailored for accounting professionals, a new feature called Next Day Payments has been introduced. This feature aims to enhance services for accounting firms, allowing them to access incoming funds faster and improve cash flow management. The CEO of AffiniPay, the parent company of CPACharge, emphasized the importance of customer time and the company’s commitment to empowering businesses with innovative solutions.

Accounting firms often face delays of 30-60 days between completing tasks and receiving payments. The Next Day Payments feature by CPACharge aims to provide eligible firms with improved cash flow management, expedited deposit timelines, and rapid transaction turnaround time. This feature is part of CPACharge’s commitment to evolving its services to meet the specific needs of accounting professionals.

Furthermore, the Next Day Payments announcement follows the news of AffiniPay’s launch of AffiniPay IQ and in-person payment capabilities, set to roll out later in the year. CPACharge, a solution by AffiniPay, offers a secure way for CPA firms to accept credit, debit, and eCheck payments. The platform integrates with over 40 software solutions and is recommended by more than 40 state CPA societies. This move underscores AffiniPay’s focus on providing modern payment solutions tailored for the accounting industry.

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