Crowe Boosts Advisory Services with Economic Forecasting Firm Acquisition

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  • Crowe LLP has acquired ITR Economics, a firm specializing in economic forecasting, to enhance its consulting services.
  • ITR Economics will operate as a subsidiary of Crowe once the transaction is complete.

Key Elements of the Article:

Crowe LLP, a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm, has announced the acquisition of ITR Economics, a market and industry forecasting firm. This move aims to bolster Crowe’s advisory services by adding expertise in sales and demand forecasting, as well as strategic and budget planning.

ITR Economics will become a subsidiary of Crowe, expanding the firm’s consulting offerings which include performance improvement, risk consulting, deal advisory, legal and compliance, and business transformation. This strategic partnership is expected to enhance Crowe’s capabilities in providing comprehensive advisory solutions to its clients.

The integration of ITR Economics into Crowe’s portfolio signifies a commitment to providing clients with data-driven insights and forecasts to navigate the ever-changing business landscape. This acquisition further solidifies Crowe’s position as a leading provider of advisory services in the market.

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