DataSnipper and Validis: Streamlining Audits for Maximum Efficiency

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  • DataSnipper has partnered with Validis to offer auditors a seamless end-to-end audit testing process.
  • DataSnipper, when integrated with Validis, delivers one audit test workflow to drive significant audit quality and efficiency.

The automation platform DataSnipper has partnered with on-demand accounting data provider Validis to offer auditors a seamless end-to-end audit testing process. This partnership aims to drive significant audit quality and efficiency by integrating DataSnipper with Validis.

Validis provides instant access to financial data provided by an audit client’s ERP systems and structures the data into usable reports. The structured data can also be extracted as an Excel file. This data then flows into DataSnipper, where it is used by auditors to automatically match data with audit evidence, creating a high-quality and easily reviewable audit trail.

Both technologies bring about efficiencies auditors can’t ignore, according to Mike Bowman, commercial director at Validis. By integrating these best-in-class technologies, audit teams can transform their workflows and streamline their processes. Youssef Hounat, VP of product at DataSnipper, is excited about the increased efficiencies the partnership can offer mutual users.

Audit teams globally are facing challenges retaining staff and meeting regulatory requirements for financial reporting accuracy. By implementing innovative technologies like DataSnipper and Validis, auditors can streamline their workflows and deliver high-quality audit outputs. Embracing these technological advancements can allow audit teams to work efficiently and provide a seamless and accurate audit process.

This partnership between DataSnipper and Validis highlights the importance of integrating technology to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of audit processes. With the increasing demands on audit teams, leveraging automation and on-demand data solutions can help audit firms stay competitive and deliver high-quality services to clients.

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