Decades of accounting: Todd Wisdom shares his journey.

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  • Todd Wisdom reflects on his 33-year accounting career, enjoying working with a variety of clients and industries.
  • He has taken on roles ranging from CPA to growth leader and partner within the firm.

Todd Wisdom has had a diverse and fulfilling career in accounting over the past three decades. Starting as a CPA in 1991, he has worked with various clients and industries, enjoying the job changes that come with public accounting. Throughout his career, he has taken on different roles within his firm, from manager to partner to growth leader. His responsibilities have evolved, and he is now focused on marketing, wealth practice, and strategic services within the firm. Wisdom has been instrumental in leading the firm through mergers and acquisitions, contributing to its growth and success. He works closely with partners to focus on profitable growth and expanding client bases.

With a keen eye on industry trends, Wisdom expects artificial intelligence to play a significant role in the future of accounting and the shift towards a remote workplace. He highlights the importance of offering advisory services and growing the firm’s capabilities in-house rather than outsourcing. His career highlights include being part of a phenomenal team and contributing to the firm’s direction. Wisdom is a supporter of the HoganTaylor Foundation and a member of the American Institute of CPAs. He resides in Springdale with his wife and enjoys traveling and visiting Disney World in Orlando with his family.

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