Delhi court orders removal of false ₹2,000 crore Zee article.

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Summary of Delhi Court Order to Bloomberg


  • Delhi Sessions Court has ordered Bloomberg to take down an article claiming a ₹2,000 crore accounting issue at Zee Entertainment Enterprises.
  • Zee claimed the article was false and led to a 15% drop in share price.

A Delhi Sessions Court has ruled that Bloomberg must remove an article published on February 21 that alleged a ₹2,000 crore accounting issue at Zee Entertainment Enterprises. Zee Entertainment Enterprises strongly refuted the claims made in the article, stating that it was false and factually incorrect, with a malicious intent to defame the company. The article’s publication led to a significant 15% decline in Zee’s share price, resulting in erosion of investor wealth.

The Delhi Sessions Court’s order highlights the importance of responsible journalism and the potential impact of false or misleading information on businesses and their stakeholders. It serves as a reminder of the need for accurate and fact-checked reporting in the media industry, especially when dealing with sensitive financial matters that can have far-reaching consequences.

Zee Entertainment Enterprises’ swift action in challenging the article and seeking legal redress demonstrates the company’s commitment to protecting its reputation and the interests of its shareholders. The court’s decision to order the removal of the article underscores the significance of upholding truth and transparency in journalism, while also holding media outlets accountable for the content they publish.

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