Donegal accounting company plans to expand its team to 150.

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  • Formerly known as Accountant Online, the company has rebranded to be known as Kinore.
  • Kinore plans to double its workforce to 150 employees by 2026.

The article discusses the growth and transformation of a well-known accountancy firm in Donegal, now known as Kinore. Led by founder Larissa Feeney, Kinore is set to double its workforce to 150 employees by 2026. The company has experienced remarkable growth since its inception, with an average annual growth rate of 50% since 2017. Kinore offers a range of services including scaling businesses, digital transformation, and accessing finance, in response to the evolving needs of its clients.

Kinore’s rebranding represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey and aligns its brand with its expanded service offerings. The company is on track to deliver €15 million in revenue by 2028, highlighting its commitment to growth and innovation. With a remote-first approach, 25% of Kinore’s team is based in Donegal, with plans to expand to 150 employees by 2026. Leveraging technology, Kinore provides superior service quality and responsiveness to its clients, supported by advancements in customer relationship management and cloud technologies.

The transition from Accountant Online to Kinore signifies a strategic realignment with the company’s expanded capabilities and vision for the future. The name Kinore embodies the company’s values of kinship and strength, reflecting its commitment to building strong relationships with clients. Despite the rebranding, Kinore maintains its commitment to excellence, integrity, and client satisfaction. Clients can expect the same high-quality service and expert guidance from Kinore’s dedicated team, complemented by a fresh new look and broader service offering.

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