Exciting Tech News: Patriot Software’s New 1099 Portal Launches

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  • Patriot Software launches 1099 portal for contractors
  • Expensify announces Expensify Travel

Key points:

Patriot Software has launched a 1099 portal for contractors, providing a secure self-service platform for 1099 contract workers to view and edit personal and direct deposit information. Expensify has announced the launch of Expensify Travel, a solution developed in partnership with Spotnana for booking and managing trips.

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The latest tech news in the accounting industry includes Patriot Software launching a 1099 portal for contractors. This portal allows 1099 contract workers to access and manage their personal information, direct deposit details, and payment history from clients. Additionally, Expensify has introduced Expensify Travel, a solution developed in partnership with Spotnana for booking and managing trips, with plans to integrate into their new chat-based super app.

Sage has rolled out two new integrated suites in both the U.K. and Canada, catering to accountants, small businesses, and offering AI solutions. TranscendAP has broken off from Optima to form a new company with its own proprietary invoicing platform. AuditBoard has announced new infosec capabilities to help organizations with IT compliance, risk management, and vendor risk assessment.

Other updates include FloQast launching diverse compliance features, Canopy raising $35 million in funding for AI-driven solutions, and Panax announcing its official launch with cash flow management AI capabilities. M&A activity includes RKL Solutions acquiring Techware, and Black Mountain Software acquiring Fiscalsoft.

Awards and honors were given to Sidetrade and Avalara for their innovative solutions in the industry. These updates showcase the continuous advancement and innovation in accounting technology to streamline processes, enhance security, and optimize business operations.


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