EY Partner takes role as Accounting Board’s Technical Director.

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  • An EY Partner, Jackson Day, will serve as the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s next technical director.
  • Day has a long career in accounting, including working at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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In a recent announcement, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) revealed that Ernst & Young LLP partner Jackson Day will be taking on the role of technical director. With nearly four decades of experience in the field, Day brings a wealth of knowledge to this position.

Day has a strong background in accounting, having previously served as the US chief accountant and global director of capital markets at EY. He also has experience working for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), where he held positions such as deputy chief accountant and acting chief accountant.

In his new role at FASB, Day will be responsible for managing standard-setting projects and overseeing a team of staff accountants and researchers. His extensive experience in both the private sector and regulatory agencies makes him well-equipped to navigate the complex landscape of financial accounting standards.

This appointment highlights the importance of having leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise in key roles within the accounting industry. Day’s combination of private sector and regulatory experience will be invaluable as FASB continues its work to establish and maintain effective accounting standards.

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