Former office of accountancy firm available for sale in town.

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  • Apostle Accounting’s former office in Stowmarket is up for sale for £275,000.
  • The firm was wound up in October 2023 and is currently under investigation for a tax refunds dispute.

The former premises of Apostle Accounting, a now defunct accountancy firm in Stowmarket, has been cleared out and put up for sale for £275,000. The office space, located in Marriotts Walk, has a maisonette on the two floors above. Apostle Accounting was founded by Zoe Goodchild 12 years ago and was recently wound up in October 2023.

An investigation into the firm is currently ongoing after claims were made by former clients that they were made to repay tax refunds sought through Apostle Accounting. HM Revenue & Customs later claimed that these clients were not entitled to the refunds. Detectives from the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit executed a warrant at a commercial unit in Stowmarket in May as part of their enquiries into the matter. Apostle has denied any wrongdoing throughout the investigation.

It is unclear if Apostle is the current owner of the property, as it has now been put on the market for sale. Pictures taken from inside the office show that it has been completely cleared out, with no desks, computers, or cabinets remaining. The investigation into the firm is still ongoing, and the future of the property remains uncertain.

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