Former office of local accountancy firm available for purchase.

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Former office of Apostle Accounting in Stowmarket, currently under investigation, is up for sale for £275,000. The office has been cleared out and an investigation is ongoing regarding tax refunds. Apostle Accounting denies any wrongdoing.

The former premises of Apostle Accounting in Stowmarket, currently under investigation for a tax refunds dispute, has been cleared out and put up for sale. The office, located in Marriotts Walk, is on the market for £275,000 and includes a maisonette on the two floors above. It is unclear if Apostle is the owner of the property. Inside the office space, all desks, computers, and cabinets have been removed, indicating a complete clearance of the premises.

Detectives are currently conducting an investigation into Apostle, with the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit executing a warrant at a commercial unit in Stowmarket in May. The firm, founded by Zoe Goodchild 12 years ago, has faced allegations from former clients who were asked to repay tax refunds they claimed through Apostle but were later deemed ineligible by HM Revenue & Customs. Apostle has maintained its innocence throughout the investigation.

Overall, the article highlights the sale of Apostle Accounting’s former office in Stowmarket, shedding light on the ongoing investigation and the allegations made against the firm. The presence of law enforcement involvement and the denial of any wrongdoing by Apostle add complexity to the situation, raising questions about the firm’s practices and the potential impact on its former clients.

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