Gen Z: Not lazy, just ahead of the curve.

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Gen Z Accountants Article Summary


Key Points:

  • 90% of Gen Z accountants reject the stereotype of being lazy.
  • Gen Z values stability and is willing to work hard for their career goals.

Gen Z is tired of being called lazy

Recent surveys by KPMG show that Gen Z accountants are determined to dispel the misconception that they are lazy. In fact, 90% of the surveyed interns believe that the idea of them being lazy and not wanting to work hard is the biggest misconception about their generation. This generation values stability and is willing to put in the effort to achieve their long-term career goals. Despite the challenges of work-life balance in the accounting profession, Gen Z accountants prioritize factors like salary, positive work culture, and scheduling flexibility when choosing an employer.

When considering future employers, Gen Z accountants also prioritize factors such as the availability of artificial intelligence-related training and a hybrid work model. They are already integrating generative AI tools like ChatGPT in their personal and professional lives. Respondents believe that a significant portion of their future jobs will be automated by AI, highlighting the importance of proper training and responsible use of technology in the workplace.

It is crucial for employers to understand the priorities of Gen Z accountants and provide them with the necessary tools and support to develop their careers. By listening to their needs and meeting them where they are, firms can create a positive work environment that fosters growth and trust in the evolving technological landscape.

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