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Many accounting professionals recognize the potential benefits of technology in streamlining operations and improving workflows. However, there are obstacles that can hinder technology adoption. By implementing a proactive technology adoption strategy, accounting firms can overcome these hurdles and achieve better technology outcomes. This white paper delves into industry technology trends, including how accountants prioritize their tech investments, where they stand on the technology adoption curve, and tactics for creating a successful technology adoption strategy with support from partners.

Key Elements:

Accounting professionals are aware of the advantages of technology in enhancing operations and workflows, but face obstacles in adoption.

A proactive approach towards technology adoption can help accounting firms overcome hurdles and achieve better technology outcomes.

The white paper explores industry technology trends such as prioritizing tech investments, technology adoption curve placement, and strategies for successful technology adoption with partner support.

Most accounting professionals see the potential benefits of technology to streamline operations and improve workflows, but there are obstacles that can stop or stall implementation. Adopting a strategy that governs technology adoption can help overcome hurdles and lead to better technology outcomes. This white paper, built using research from accounting professionals, explores industry technology trends, highlighting topics such as:

  • How accountants are prioritizing their tech investments
  • Where accountants fit on a technology adoption curve
  • Tactics for creating a technology adoption strategy
  • How partners can help support your technology strategy
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