Global Server Shipments to Rise 2.05% in 2024, AI Servers 12.1%

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Global Server Shipments Expected to Increase by 2.05% in 2024


Global server shipments are estimated to increase by 2.05% in 2024, with AI servers accounting for around 12.1% of the market. Foxconn and Inventec are expected to see notable growth, with Foxconn securing orders from major players like Dell, AWS, Google, and Microsoft. Demand for AI servers is being primarily driven by North American cloud data centers, with double-digit growth rates expected. However, Chinese clients may face constraints due to US restrictions.

Key Points:

  • Global server shipments to increase by 2.05% in 2024
  • AI servers expected to account for around 12.1% of the market

TrendForce projects that American CSPs will be the primary momentum for server shipments in 2024. Despite high inflation and corporate financing costs impacting capital expenditures, overall demand is expected to reach approximately 13.654 million units. Foxconn is expected to experience the highest growth rate, securing significant orders from key players in the industry.

Inventec follows closely with the second-highest growth rate, driven by AI server orders from CSPs like AWS and Google. Quanta Computer and Supermicro are expected to see stable growth rates, with a focus on AI server shipments. Amidst the global economic deceleration and US-China chip wars, the growth of Chinese clients may be limited.

Overall, AI server shipments from ODMs are expected to be robust in 2024, with a strong emphasis on advanced AI training chips like NVIDIA’s H series and AMD’s MI series. The market share of AI servers is predicted to reach double digits, driven by orders from North American cloud data centers.

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