Green Project Offers Service Providers White Label Carbon Accounting Software.

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Green Project Launches New White Label Offering


  • Green Project Technologies launches White Label solution for ESG service providers
  • Brings customizable, audit-ready carbon accounting platform to consulting firms

Green Project Technologies, a leading SaaS-based data management platform, has announced the launch of the Green Project White Label solution. This product is tailored for ESG service providers, allowing them to integrate branded carbon accounting directly into their existing sustainability practices. The White Label partners can now bring Green Project’s capabilities in-house to reduce calculation time, integrate automated quality checks, and generate audit-ready emissions reports for major ESG frameworks in their own branding and design style.

According to Sam Stark, Founder and CEO of Green Project, the goal is to help consulting firms spend less time on measuring emissions with clients and more on reducing them. The White Label solution eliminates the need for spreadsheets, human error, and manual reporting, allowing businesses to focus on data-driven decarbonization. The platform offers an intuitive user interface, managed emission factor hub, data gap analyses, and single sign-on capabilities for a seamless reporting experience.

Green Project’s White Label offering has received positive feedback from early partners, such as ACT Commodities U.S. CEO Ronald Rozgonyi, who emphasized the importance of providing professional, bespoke carbon accounting services to support clients’ sustainability goals. The platform has been tested with several partners and is now available for ESG service providers to enhance their offerings.

Since its establishment in 2021, Green Project has assisted over 500 customers in tracking and reporting carbon emissions. By providing API integrations with internal systems and tools, the company aims to democratize climate reporting and make it accessible, audit-ready, and scalable for businesses of all sizes and consulting firms.

For more information on Green Project’s White Label solution, visit their website at greenprojecttech.com.

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