High-paying accounting jobs are in demand and can be done remotely.

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Accounting Jobs in High Demand


Accounting jobs are in high demand, with many paying over $100,000. Due to a shortage of professionals, companies are offering higher salaries and remote work options.

  • Accounting industry struggling to staff up due to retirements and lack of new professionals.
  • Increased demand for accountants offering stable six-figure jobs with remote or hybrid options.

Key Elements:

With the current shortage of accounting professionals, the industry is facing challenges in meeting the demand. Many accountants are leaving due to reasons such as inadequate pay, limited career advancement opportunities, and long working hours.

To address this talent shortage, companies are increasing entry-level salaries, offering referral bonuses, and hiring temporary workers. Accounting roles such as Corporate Controller, Director of Finance, Tax Manager, Accounting Manager, and Senior Accountant are in high demand, with salaries ranging from $71,500 to $210,750.

Many of these accounting jobs offer remote or hybrid work options, providing flexibility for professionals. Employers are also exploring ways to reduce overtime hours and workload to retain accountants. The industry is growing, with high demand for skilled professionals in various sectors.

Overall, accounting jobs offer stability and high salaries, making them attractive career options for individuals with a background in finance and mathematics.

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