Innovative Minds: Daydreamers & Boundary Breakers.

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Key Points:

  • Lindsay Stevenson left public accounting to work on innovative projects in finance and consulting.
  • Stevenson was given the opportunity to create her dream job as BPM’s chief transformation officer.

Practice Profile: Daydreamers and Envelope-Pushers at BPM

To date, two different meetings with bosses have ended up defining Lindsay Stevenson’s career. In the first, she was distraught and overworked in the office of the Arizona accounting firm where she was employed as a CPA about nine years ago. She shared her desire to change how she worked and served clients and eventually left to work at a bank before launching her own consulting firm focused on purpose-driven initiatives.

Her second pivotal meeting with Jim Wallace, CEO of BPM, led to Stevenson becoming BPM’s chief transformation officer. She has since led various innovation efforts at BPM, including building a data lakehouse to improve business intelligence and machine learning, and overseeing small initiatives like using Grammarly in communications.

Stevenson believes in making gradual shifts for successful transformation, emphasizing the need for incremental changes rather than grand ideas. She credits BPM’s strategic planning and ideation processes for guiding their transformation efforts.

As the head of BPM’s transformation team, Stevenson faces the challenge of saying no to ideas to focus on the truly impactful ones. The goal of the team is to inspire staff to continue dreaming, thinking, and growing, ultimately leading the firm to transform and innovate.

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