Introducing Ashia Thompson: Gen Z CEO for high-income earners.

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  • Ashia Thompson founded Top Tier Accounting, a firm that offers various accounting services to clients in the US and Dubai.
  • Thompson’s journey from poverty to success fueled her interest in finance and entrepreneurship.

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After realizing her valuable knowledge, Ashia Thompson founded Top Tier Accounting (TTA) in 2021. The firm provides services like tax planning, tax resolution, bookkeeping, and payroll services to clients with six-figure businesses located in the US and Dubai. Thompson’s interest in finance stemmed from growing up in poverty and wanting to understand the reasons behind her family’s financial struggles. This drive led her to study abroad and eventually pursue entrepreneurship.

Thompson’s corporate career highlighted the discrepancies in pay based on skill set, prompting her to start her own business. She emphasized the importance of credentials, particularly the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation, in attracting high-income clients. Thompson’s dedication to passing the CPA exam despite challenges reflected her commitment to excellence in her field.

In her work, Thompson noticed common mistakes made by entrepreneurs, such as improper business structures that result in higher taxes. She also emphasized the significance of thorough bookkeeping for effective tax planning and business growth. Thompson’s client-centric approach focuses on ensuring that clients understand and benefit from the accounting strategies implemented.

Thompson acknowledged the presence of unscrupulous accountants in the industry and advised individuals to be cautious when choosing financial professionals. Despite the demands of running a successful business, Thompson prioritizes her personal well-being and integrates moments of fun and spiritual reflection into her routine.

Overall, Ashia Thompson’s journey from poverty to CEO exemplifies the power of resilience, education, and determination in achieving entrepreneurial success.

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