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Remote workers aspiring to become partners at accounting firms must focus on establishing and maintaining key relationships, providing value to the firm, and being seen providing value. Being intentional about networking, building a personal brand, and creating opportunities for growth are crucial steps in the process. It is important to set clear expectations with the firm regarding the possibility of remote partnership and to be open about career goals and intentions.


Remote workers with leadership aspirations don’t need to do anything radically different than their onsite counterparts, but they do have to be more intentional with establishing and maintaining key relationships. Promotion to partner, whether online or onsite, is often a matter of not just providing value to the firm but of being seen providing value — something that’s a little easier when in the same physical location as firm leaders.

Tim Cofrin, a New Hampshire-based tax partner with Atlanta-based Top 100 Firm Aprio, became a partner by creating opportunities, growing a business venture, coaching and mentoring people, and being proactive in his work. He emphasized the importance of building a personal brand and making a name for oneself in the industry.

Kevin Loiselle, another remote partner at Aprio, highlighted the significance of staying visible by making connections, seeking feedback and advice from firm leaders, and being open about career goals. Setting clear expectations with the firm about remote partnership and proving that it can work are essential steps in the process.

In conclusion, aspiring remote partners must focus on networking, building a personal brand, creating opportunities for growth, and setting clear expectations with the firm. Being proactive, intentional, and open about career goals are key elements in becoming a successful remote partner at an accounting firm.

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