“Majority of finance workers suspect internal fraud within companies.”

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Key Elements of Article on Internal Fraud


  • 65% of finance professionals in the UK have suspected internal fraud but haven’t reported it
  • Reasons for not reporting include fear of being left out of important decisions, being moved to a new team, and lack of protection for whistleblowers

The article highlights the alarming statistic that 65% of financial professionals in the UK have suspected internal fraud at work but have not reported it due to fear of consequences such as being left out of important decisions or being moved to a new team. The research by Medius, a fraud detection software company, also reveals that 46% of respondents did not report the suspected fraud because of concerns about lack of protection from the legal system for whistleblowers. This lack of protection makes it challenging for employees to report potential fraud.

The article emphasizes the importance of creating a culture where employees feel comfortable reporting suspicious activities, as they can serve as the last line of defense against fraud. Whistleblowers UK is advocating for the government to establish an Independent Office of the Whistleblower to protect individuals from discrimination and set standards that eliminate stigmatization and discrimination, making it safe for employees to speak up.

Jennifer Griffith, one of the Enron whistleblowers, shares her perspective on the challenges faced by whistleblowers and the need to protect them. She emphasizes that ignoring a whistleblower’s complaints can have severe consequences, and organizations should take steps to address issues raised by whistleblowers rather than discredit them.

In conclusion, the rise in white-collar crime underscores the importance of fostering a culture that encourages reporting of suspicious activities, as this could potentially save organizations millions in the long run. Protecting whistleblowers and addressing their concerns is crucial for preventing fraud and maintaining ethical business practices.

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