Melrose changes £6.6m auditor after two decades.

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Summary of Melrose swapping £6.6m auditor after 20 years


  • Melrose Industries has hired PwC for a £6.6m audit after Deloitte was forced to resign due to a 20-year tenure limit.
  • This change in auditors follows a trend of companies switching auditors to maintain independence and fresh perspectives.

Listed aerospace manufacturer Melrose Industries recently made headlines as it announced a change in its auditing firm after a 20-year long partnership with Deloitte. The company has now hired PwC for a £6.6m audit, following a growing trend among corporations to switch auditors to ensure independence and gain fresh perspectives on their financial reporting.

This move comes amid increasing scrutiny and regulatory pressures on the auditing industry to enhance transparency and governance. Companies are now more cautious about the length of their relationships with auditors, as extended tenures can raise concerns about objectivity and potential conflicts of interest.

Deloitte’s resignation from the auditing role at Melrose Industries highlights the significance of auditor independence and the need for periodic changes to maintain a healthy balance of oversight and accountability. By bringing in PwC, Melrose aims to benefit from a new set of eyes and expertise to strengthen their financial reporting processes and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

As the audit landscape continues to evolve, companies are increasingly recognizing the value of diverse perspectives and independent scrutiny in maintaining trust and credibility with investors and other stakeholders. By proactively addressing auditor tenure limits and regularly rotating audit firms, organizations like Melrose Industries can demonstrate their commitment to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and financial integrity.

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