Miami is your solution for SMB accounting needs.

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Key points:

  • Felix Rodriguez, with a background in small business ownership, founded Finally in Miami to address SMB accounting needs.
  • Finally offers a suite of accounting and finance tools tailored for SMBs, including bookkeeping, payroll, and expense management.

Key Elements:

In the article “There’s Finally a solution for SMB accounting, and it’s right here in Miami” by Riley Kaminer, the key elements include:

Rodriguez’s personal experience with family-owned businesses and his understanding of the challenges faced by SMBs led him to launch Finally, a Miami-based startup that offers accounting and finance tools specifically designed for SMBs. Finally’s suite of services includes bookkeeping, payroll, billpay, and expense management integrated with various platforms like Stripe, Xero, and Gusto. The company also provides a Visa corporate card linked to their platform without requiring personal guarantees.

Rodriguez emphasized the importance of SMBs staying on top of their financial metrics and identified a gap in the market for comprehensive solutions rather than single-point solutions that Finally aims to bridge. The company has attracted significant investor interest, raising $10 million in February and expanding rapidly with about a thousand new customers each month. Finally has grown to 160 employees, half of whom are based in South Florida.

Finally’s success highlights the growing tech ecosystem in Miami and the opportunities available for startups to address the specific needs of SMBs. Rodriguez’s advice to fellow startup founders is to focus on meaningful metrics and persevere through challenging times to build successful businesses.

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