Morningstar introduces new accounting officer and quarterly dividend announcement.

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  • Morningstar announced Conan Wiersema as the new principal accounting officer, starting March 15, 2024.
  • Quarterly dividend of 40.5 cents per share was declared, showing commitment to shareholder returns.

Key Elements:

Morningstar, Inc. has announced the appointment of Conan Wiersema as the new principal accounting officer starting March 15, 2024, succeeding Jason Dubinsky who remains the CFO. Wiersema, with a background in auditing and experience at Univar Solutions, will receive a competitive salary, annual bonuses, and equity awards in his new role.

Alongside the appointment, Morningstar declared a quarterly dividend of 40.5 cents per share, showcasing their commitment to providing returns to their shareholders. This move reflects the company’s financial stability and strong performance in the market.


This announcement by Morningstar highlights a key leadership transition within the company’s finance department, signaling a focus on financial governance and transparency. The appointment of Wiersema and the declaration of a quarterly dividend demonstrate the company’s efforts to reward shareholders and maintain a strong financial position.

Investors may view these developments positively, as leadership changes and dividend declarations can provide insights into the company’s growth strategies and financial health. It is essential for investors to monitor further updates from Morningstar to assess the impact of these changes on the company’s performance and stock value.


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