Murtha & Flischel: Top-notch Accounting and Tax Services!

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Key Elements of Murtha & Flischel Article

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Key Points:

  • Murtha & Murtha, LLC, now operating as Murtha & Flischel, CPAs
  • Three partners with over 60 years of combined experience

The article highlights the rebranding of the accounting firm Murtha & Murtha, LLC, to Murtha & Flischel, CPAs, with Kyle Flischel joining Patrick Murtha as a managing partner. The firm, with Tom Murtha as a senior partner, offers accounting, bookkeeping, tax services, and more to clients. The history of the firm traces back to Kyle’s father, Raymond Flischel, and Tom Murtha working together previously. Patrick and Kyle both have backgrounds in accounting and have built the business steadily over the years, expanding the Wesley Chapel office and offering comprehensive services to clients. The article also emphasizes the personal touch and responsiveness of Murtha & Flischel, contrasting it with online tax services. Furthermore, it mentions the new federal requirement regarding beneficial ownership information for businesses and how the firm can help navigate this process. The article concludes by highlighting additional services provided by Murtha & Flischel, such as CFO retainer packages and business valuations, showcasing client testimonials praising the firm’s expertise and responsiveness.

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