NIU Today: Natalie Churyk energizes research and student experiences.

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Professor Natalie Churyk utilized her sabbatical to focus on research, resulting in multiple publications, awards, and connections. She also enhanced her teaching methods to benefit her students.

  • Natalie Churyk took a sabbatical to focus on research
  • During her sabbatical, she produced multiple publications and won awards

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Professor Natalie Churyk, a PwC Professor of Accountancy at NIU, took a sabbatical after 23 years of teaching to focus on research. During her sabbatical, she worked on a project titled “The Impact of Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) Enforcement Actions on the Accounting Profession,” resulting in two publications and a textbook update. Churyk also won the American Accounting Association’s TLC Best Paper Award in 2022.

Aside from her research, Churyk’s sabbatical had a significant impact on her teaching methods. She redesigned chapters, changed textbooks, and implemented new strategies to help her students think critically. Her dedication to teaching excellence led to various accolades and achievements, including the Illinois CPA Society’s 2022 Outstanding Educator Award and the AAA’s TLC Hall of Honor Award in 2021.

Furthermore, Churyk’s sabbatical allowed her to collaborate with experts in her field worldwide and engage in ongoing research projects. She emphasizes the importance of taking a sabbatical for personal and professional growth, as it provides valuable time to recharge and develop new ideas.

Overall, Professor Natalie Churyk’s sabbatical experience not only supercharged her research efforts but also enhanced her teaching skills, benefiting both her academic career and her students at NIU.

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