Nursing home profits seem fishy.

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Key Points:

  • Reported financial results suggest private equity firms vastly overpay for nursing homes due to hidden profits being tunneled to management and real estate firms.
  • An accountant shortage is leading employers to simplify operations, hope for software advancements, and offer incentives to land CPAs.

The article discusses the issue of hidden profits in nursing homes, with researchers estimating that 63% of nursing home profits were diverted to related parties in 2019. This raises questions about the true value of investing in nursing homes by private equity firms.

Furthermore, the article highlights the shortage of accountants, with 340,000 fewer accountants than five years ago. Employers are now looking to simplify operations, rely on evolving software, and offer incentives to attract certified public accountants.

Additionally, the article explores why startups choose to move to other countries, discussing reasons such as escaping intrusive funders, being closer to luxury amenities, and seeking new opportunities.

Other topics covered in the article include designing nudges to affect behavior, the impact of CEO stands on gun control, and the likelihood of consumer boycotts based on perceived observation.

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