Palm Coast picks MSL for forensic audit ‘education’ contract.

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  • Palm Coast City Council exploring forensic audits for education purposes
  • MSL, an Orlando accounting firm, to provide education on forensic audits for $50

Palm Coast Government Will Award Forensic Audit ‘Education’ Contract to MSL, an Orlando Accounting Firm

As the Palm Coast City Council seeks an education on forensic audits, the government intends to award the contract for such an education to Orlando-based MSL, P.A. specializing in audits, including fraud and forensic audits. The presentation will educate council members about the cost, process, and expected results of conducting a forensic audit within the municipal context. This will help make informed decisions and enhance financial accountability. However, the award should not be confused with a step towards conducting a forensic audit, as there has been no evidence of fraud in the city.

Despite demands for forensic audits based on unverified assumptions, the city undergoes annual audits which have not raised any alarms. The council is balancing misinformed requests for forensic audits with fiscal responsibility, considering the prohibitive costs associated with such audits. MSL has proposed a $50 fee for the education presentation but would charge higher rates for additional services, should a forensic audit be conducted.

The City Council is expected to ratify the award to MSL in the second half of June, following discussions on the topic. The government aims to provide education on the process of forensic audits to enhance transparency and governance, without engaging in a costly audit without any evidence of fraud.

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