PwC trainee’s dismissal was justified.

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  • A PwC trainee lost claim of constructive unfair dismissal due to unauthorized absences, lack of sick notes, and breach of contract.
  • Key point: The trainee’s contract was terminated by PwC for valid reasons, including breaches of company policy and contract terms.

A trainee at PwC has lost a claim of constructive unfair dismissal after his contract was terminated over unauthorised absences, lack of sick notes and breach of contract.

The trainee had taken numerous unauthorised absences and failed to provide necessary sick notes, which led to his contract being terminated by PwC. The trainee claimed that this constituted unfair dismissal, but the tribunal found that the termination was justified due to the breaches of company policy and contract terms.

Employment law experts have noted that this case serves as a reminder to employees to adhere to company policies and contractual obligations to avoid potential dismissal. It also highlights the importance of thorough documentation and communication between employers and employees in such situations.

Overall, the outcome of this case reinforces the importance of following company policies and contractual agreements to maintain a successful employment relationship.

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