Review upcoming for IAS 38 intangible accounting standards.

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IAS 38 Intangible Accounting Rules Up for Review


  • IAS 38 standard on accounting for intangibles is set for review
  • Potential overhaul of rules for intellectual property and cryptocurrency

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) is considering a review of the IAS 38 standard, which governs the accounting treatment of intangible assets such as intellectual property and cryptocurrency. The potential overhaul of these rules could have significant implications for financial reporting and disclosure requirements for businesses.

Key Elements:

The IAS 38 standard is currently in focus for a review by the standard setter, with the aim of modernizing and clarifying the accounting treatment of intangible assets. This review could result in changes to how businesses account for and report on intangibles in their financial statements.

Intellectual property, which includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, is a key area of focus in the review. The current rules may be updated to provide more guidance on how to account for these assets and assess their value accurately.

Cryptocurrency, a relatively new form of intangible asset, is also under scrutiny. The IASB is likely to consider how to address the accounting challenges posed by cryptocurrencies, such as valuation, classification, and disclosure requirements.

The potential changes to the IAS 38 standard could impact a wide range of industries, including technology, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. Companies that hold significant intangible assets may need to reevaluate their accounting practices and disclosures to comply with the updated rules.

Overall, the review of the IAS 38 standard signals a desire to adapt accounting standards to reflect the evolving nature of intangible assets in the modern business environment. Businesses should stay informed about the progress of this review and be prepared to adjust their practices accordingly.

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