Score 95+ in CBSE Accountancy Board Exam: Tips from Teacher!

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  • Students can reduce their stress levels while preparing for the Accountancy board examination by following a set schedule and identifying their most productive time and place.
  • Important topics for the CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Board Exam include accounting for partnership firms, reconstitution, dissolution of partnership firms, and accounting for companies.

In order to score 95+ marks in the CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Board Exam, students can follow these tips:

  • Use NCERT books as a valuable resource for exam preparation.
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses by solving textbook questions and focusing on weaker sections.
  • Examine previous year’s question papers and sample papers to understand the structure and question types.
  • Practice solving CBSE sample papers to improve time management.
  • Follow a stepwise marking procedure for calculations, even if the answer is incorrect.
  • Avoid forcefully replicating Balance Sheet answers with incorrect amounts.
  • Use time wisely by skipping difficult questions and coming back to them later.

By implementing these strategies, students can enhance their preparation and increase their chances of scoring high marks in the CBSE Accountancy board exam.

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