SEC accountant promotes clawbacks to boost audit quality.

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Top SEC Accountant Pitches Clawbacks as Audit Quality Nudge


  • SEC’s top accountant suggests using clawbacks as a tool to focus on effective audits over profits.
  • Clawbacks signal a commitment to ethics and professionalism in audit teams.

The SEC’s chief accountant, Paul Munter, encouraged accounting firms to consider implementing clawback provisions for senior leaders who engage in professional misconduct. Munter believes that using clawbacks can help combat profit pressures that may compromise the quality of audits of listed companies. He emphasized that how firms reward or penalize staff through compensation, promotions, and assignments is more impactful than merely promoting effective audit policies and speeches.

Key Points:

Clawbacks can be a useful tool in promoting ethics and professionalism within audit teams.

Rewarding or penalizing staff through compensation, promotions, and assignments is crucial for audit quality.

Effective audits should be prioritized over profits in accounting firms.

Senior leaders should be held accountable for professional misconduct through clawback provisions.

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