“Stay proactive with on-farm accounting for clear financial insights.”

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  • Traction Ag is a cloud-based farm accounting application focused on providing real-time visibility and insights for farmers.
  • The company’s new CEO, Dustin Sapp, aims to prioritize partnerships, integrations, and thoughtful innovations.

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The team at Traction Ag is dedicated to revolutionizing farm accounting by offering a cloud-based application that provides real-time visibility and insights for farmers. Led by their new CEO, Dustin Sapp, who brings 25 years of experience in software as a service, the company is focused on helping growers manage their financial and operational health effectively. Sapp emphasizes the importance of moving away from traditional rearview mirror accounting practices and towards empowering growers with the tools to make quick decisions about their operations.

Traction Ag stands out from other accounting systems by being the first cloud-based system specifically built for agriculture. It prioritizes accounting as the foundation for understanding numbers and making informed decisions for field-level prosperity. By integrating with platforms like Climate FieldView and the John Deere Operations Center, Traction Ag enables users to maintain inventory balances, track costs of production, and assess field-level profitability automatically and efficiently.

Sapp highlights that the current farm economy presents an opportunity for farmers to leverage financial resources effectively to maximize their businesses. He stresses the importance of measuring performance and paying attention to details, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Traction Ag’s focus on continual development and customer care sets it apart in the industry, with a strong emphasis on providing value to its users.

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