Stitch Fix CFO Sarah Barkema Sells Majority of Stock Holdings

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  • Stitch Fix VP & Chief Accounting Officer, Sarah Barkema, sold 68% of her holding at $3.74 per share.
  • This was the biggest sale of Stitch Fix shares by an insider in the last year.

Article Summary:

Stitch Fix’s VP & Chief Accounting Officer, Sarah Barkema, recently sold $112k worth of stock, reducing her holding by 68%. This sale was significant as it was the largest sale of Stitch Fix shares by an insider in the past year. While insider selling can sometimes be concerning, it is only a weak signal. Stitch Fix insiders currently own 15% of the shares, indicating some alignment between management and smaller shareholders.

The lack of insider purchases in the past year, coupled with moderate insider ownership, makes analysts cautious about the company. The article suggests that careful consideration should be taken before buying Stitch Fix shares, as there are some risks associated with the company.

Simply Wall St, the source of this analysis, points out that their articles are based on historical data and analyst forecasts, and are not intended to be financial advice. They recommend thorough examination of the risks facing Stitch Fix before investment.

Overall, the article highlights the significance of insider transactions and ownership in evaluating a company’s potential performance and suggests caution in investing in Stitch Fix.

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